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Malik Zinad 'Trigger Man', With Manager Donny Lalonde "Golden Boy"

Malik Zinad ‘Trigger Man’, With Manager Donny Lalonde “Golden Boy”

Malik Zinad ”Trigger”, the WBF International Light Heavyweight Champion.
Malik is a rising boxing star from Libya fought his way through the European league ranking as the 187th among 1132 competition participants.
Malik’s talent was discovered by Donny “Golden Boy” Lalonde, founder of LBM and former boxing light-heavyweight champion is most famous for being one of boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard’s most threatening opponents.
”When I saw the skill, talent and personality of Malik Zinad I was stopped in my tracks and it has changed my life. I have never been so moved by or inspired by an athlete as I have been by Malik”
Donny Lalonde, Manager & Mentor of the ”Trigger”


Donny 'Golden Boy' Lalonde

Lalonde Boxing Management’s passion for boxing, roots out from Donny ”Golden Boy” Lalonde’s unique and world class expertise is being harnessed to train up, refine and promote the best fighters around!
5 Interesting fact about Donny ”Golden Boy” Lalonde:
  • Self managed for 23 out of 27 years in the ring.
  • Set industry earning records.
  • Co-promoted largest gate in Light Heavyweight division history.
  • First Canadian in 70 years to become World Light-heavyweight Champion.
  • Undefeated as a Manager to date.



One thing I learned while boxing from arguably the greatest managerin the history of the sport, Dave Wolf,
was how to maximize our odds to win, and maximize the revenues a boxer can take home.
I lived Dave’s brilliance and through this company will utilize the wisdom passed down from Dave
to me into the company and the career’s of our fighters.- Donny ”Golden Boy” Lalonde

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